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Quake 4 Tournament Rules + Signup!
12-15-2006, 07:38 AM,
Quake 4 Tournament Rules + Signup!
Quake 4 Tournament Rules for Late Night Lan 7!

All maps will be played using a time limit of fifteen (15) minutes and a frag limit of zero (0).
Players scores will be tallied by calculating frags minus deaths minus suicides, where the remaining value is the player's official score.
For best of one map play, the winner of the map is the winner.
In the case of a tied score at the end of the regular fifteen (15) minute time period an overtime period of two (2) minutes will be added to the clock.
In the case of a tied score after a single overtime period, additional overtime periods will be added to the clock in two (2) minute intervals as required until a winner is determined
In the unlikely event of a server crash or other network failure which results in players being disconnected during a match the following rules will fall into place:
If either player has scored, the map will be restarted using a time limit equal to the time that was remaining on the clock when the players were disconnected. Player scores from both portions of the map played will be appended to form the final map scores.
If neither player has scored, the map will be completely restarted with a full fifteen (15) minute time limit.

  • Placebo Effect
  • Monsoon
  • The Fragging Yard 1v1

Each player will be given the chance to agree on one of the three maps, if each player chooses a different map, the third map will be played.
The latest installment of Q4Max will be used.
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